The road to the unknown is fun.

We know starting your business is a risky journey. But it can also be the most rewarding feeling when you succeed. We are here to accompany your journey to success.


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Get to know the talented individuals behind our company.

chris uy codevidia founderchris uy codevidia cartoon founder
chris uy codevidia founderchris uy codevidia cartoon founder
Chris Uy
Founder/Lead Developer

Chris is a visionary leader with a passion for technology.

katherine miñoza codevidia operations manager
katherine miñoza codevidia
Katherine Miñoza
Operations Manager

Katherine ensures smooth operations and efficient processes.

ariel pasaporte codevidia lead designer
ariel pasaporte codevidia
Ariel Pasaporte
Lead Designer

Ariel brings creativity and innovation to our projects.

jenny miñoza codevidia project manager
jenny miñoza codevidia
Jenny Miñoza
Project Manager

Jenny Rica ensures timely delivery and client satisfaction.

jover calibo codevidia multimedia desginer
jover calibo codevidia
Jover Calibo
Multimedia Designer

Jover creates visually stunning and user-friendly designs.

louie dalida codevidia web developer
Louie Dalida
Web Developer

Louie brings technical expertise and problem-solving skills to our team.

ericca montes codevidia web designer
Ericca Montes
Web Designer

Ericca creates visually appealing and intuitive website interfaces.

glyzel miñoza codevidia creative designer
glyzel miñoza codevidia
Glyzel Miñoza
Creative Designer

Glyzel brings a fresh and modern approach to graphic design.

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Turning Dreams into Reality

We imagine a world where it's easy to build and scale your digital agency.


Empowering Digital Agencies to Succeed

To empower the world's digital agencies with the best teams, systems and tools.

codevidia mission

Service as a Subscription for Digital Agencies

We have been providing White Label Design and Web Development services since 2019.

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