The Background

Welcome to Vantageauto Singapore's digital showroom, where innovation meets elegance in our showcase of the Peugeot E-2008. As a leading Web and Design Development Agency, we bring you a seamless online experience through our expertise in UI/UX and Responsive design. Navigating our 1-product page website is a joy, providing an immersive journey into the world of Peugeot E-2008. Our commitment to excellence extends to our WordPress Development capabilities, ensuring a dynamic and user-friendly platform that adapts effortlessly to any device. Explore the future of automotive elegance with Vantageauto Singapore, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional design on a website crafted to perfection.
Style Guide
Font Size: 30px
Font Weight: Bold
Line height: 40px
Font Size: 16px
Font Weight: Bold
Line height: 21.6px
Font Size: 23px
Font Weight: Bold
Line height: 45px
Font Size: 18px
Font Weight: Bold
Line height: 24.2px
Font size: 18px
Line height: 24px
Font size: 16px
Line height: 22px
Font size: 14px
Line height: 19px
Font size: 13px
Line height: 18px
Font size: 12px
Line height: 20px
Peugeot Blue
Anti-Flash White
UI Elements

Figma UI Design

Our UI/UX design process on Figma involves a meticulous exploration of client requirements, followed by the creation of pixel-perfect responsive designs. Leveraging Figma's collaborative features, we seamlessly transition from wireframes to high-fidelity designs, ensuring a visually stunning and flawlessly responsive user interface across diverse devices.

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